The Best Inspirational Designers in Montreal

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Canadians and non-residents can find top designers in Montreal. This city produces some of the finest designers. Therefore, people need to look for professional designers here. While in Montreal, you can see some of the best interior designs. But you need to know designers who can do this successfully. Here are inspirational designers you can hire in Montreal.

Rebecca Mitchell Interiors

Ranked among the best interior designers in Montreal, this company offers full-service interior designs. It has provided interior design services for over 20 years. Therefore, it employs experienced designers who can decorate the interior of a house successfully. Choose their services and expect the most beautiful rooms for your home.

Kelli Richards Designs

People who own commercial properties and high-end residentials can hire Kelli Richards studios. This company provides solutions to customers with interior design needs. It helps customers meet their requirements entirely by producing stunning projects. Kelli Richards, the studio founder, ensures that this studio takes the designs of customers to a more desirable level.

Philippe Harvey Designer

One of the famous designers in Montreal is Philippe Harvey. This designer has provided services for over two decades. All projects completed by this designer follow the same idea. Philippe Harvey desires to meet the taste and style of customers. You can hire this designer and expect your project to bring joy and a sense of pride.


If you want to blend the best artistic work with interior design, count on Anastrophe. This firm has become a trendsetter in the industry. Thus, customers in Montreal can not only find happiness, but they can also live in luxurious accommodation that is well-decorated.


Making the interior of your home appear beautiful is necessary. But you must hire creative designers and artists. If you’re in Canada, visit Montreal and choose some of the best designers outlined in this guide.