Some of Montreal’s Abstract Artist You Should Know

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Many Canadian artists are abstract artists. That means they are traditional sculptors, photographers, and painters. Besides, they can also be artists in various mediums, such as textile ceramics, jewelry, film, printmaking, and others. You can find some of the best abstract artists in Montreal, Canada, who make items that depict a real form of objects. Here are some top abstract artists in Montreal you need to know.

Sharron Gallagher

When you visit Montreal, ensure you meet Sharron Gallagher. You will be excited by this abstract artist. She loves creating the best texture for her customers. Moreover, people get the best texture made of a simple combination of her creativity. Mixing colours and making a beautiful texture is something you’ll want her to do for you.

Colette Boulet

An abstract artist based in Montreal, Canada, makes contemporary tapestries. People who need the best decorations for public and private spaces can reach out to Boulet. You can find out more information on the Colette Boulet portfolio and website. Hence, identify some of the best tapestries you can get from Colette.

Anthony Hobbs

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Nada Kyriakos

You’ll find figures and beautiful landscapes represented. Nada uses qualitative components to create the most beautiful images. The mixture of media techniques can help people like Kyriakos to make landscapes portraying different cultures. Choose some of the artwork done by Nada in Montreal and decorate your home or office.